Mobile x ray

Radiology is literally on the move with Mobile Digital X-Ray equipment. This radiology revolution enabled easy access to X-Ray equipment as they can be transported to any place in the hospital. Standing apart from the tall, bulky units, these mobile X-ray units are geared up with easy to transport wheels and make the system environment-friendly. These mobile X-Ray units can be used in nursing homes, home health care imaging, small and large animal veterinary, military field operations, as well as other digital imaging applications.


Ultisys HF Mobile X-Ray Series

An X-ray solution that’s a perfect blend of versatility, mobility and affordability.Ultisys HF Mobile X-Ray is a complete solution for the diagnostic needs of Individual Clinics, Polyclinics, Nursing Homes, Corporate Hospitals, Trauma Centres, Radiologists, Orthopaedicians and Urologists. Ultisys HF Mobile X-Ray is ideal for X-Rays Of Chest, Skull, Extremities, Special Investigations Barium Ibp and Routine Orthopaedic Examinations.

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