With Kiran, you are always in the safe hands.

Of everything, light enhances visibility; light adds a zing to the world we perceive. As an imaging and radiology brand, Kiran breathes life to the light and domesticates it to identify the errors of the human body. Imagine, if we can shed some light inside, control it according to the need in order to diagnose where the problem is, how accurate the treatment will be! Close to three and a half decades, Kiran operates with a vision of making human life safer, healthier and just a little bit brighter.

Kiran specializes in manufacturing some of the world’s finest radiology equipment, accessories and radiation protection products. Apart from radiating healthcare, Kiran also ventures into X-Ray solutions such as Surgical C-Arm products. Positioned as one of the global leaders in radiology, Kiran is a brand known for its outstanding quality products and unparalleled service standards. Being the radiology division of globally acclaimed Trivitron Healthcare brand, Kiran’s realm expands to more than 165 countries across the globe.

Precision and responsibility are the driving factors at the state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facilities of Kiran. Unsurpassed speed in delivery, exceeding international quality standards every time and offering efficient after-sales service effectively positions Kiran as a global leader in the radiology sector. Kiran is also the partner-of-choice for some of the world’s leading imaging products manufacturers like Fuji, Agfa, and Carestream (Kodak).

Vision :

To be a leading provider of Imaging and Radiology products, Medical Image Enhancement Accessories and Radiation Protection Products, recognized for its outstanding product quality and excellent customer service.