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The Reset of Healthcare Industry in the Pandemic – A Journey toward best healthcare for all

27 - May - 2021

Trivitron Healthcare is not only a name but a belief for many because of its healthcare innovations and range of medical technology portfolio. Trivitron’s journey started in 1997, with a vision of providing healthcare solutions at affordable costs to a large section of globe. Since then Trivitron as a medical technology company providing affordable healthcare solutions weaves a fascinating thread of inspiration to many healthcare providers. Having solid expertise in research and development, Trivitron manufactures and distributes exceptional medical technology products to 180 countries. With 13 manufacturing facilities in India, Finland, Turkey, and China and R&D sites in Chennai, Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam, Vantaa (Finland), Vienna (Austria), and Ankara (Turkey), Trivitron spearheads innovation in the fields of new-born screening, in-vitro diagnostics, COVID-19 testing solutions, imaging and radiology, radiation protection, critical care and ICU solutions, and operating room solutions, thus, engraving its name as a holistic healthcare provider.

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